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Chemical light industrial companies in Hangzhou

Company Information

  • Company Name: Chemical light industrial companies in Hangzhou
  • Country: China
  • Address: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, 430 Stadium Road 310006 China
  • International Area Code: 86
  • Phone: +86-0571-5158741 +86-0571-5167189 +86-0571-5055559 +86-0571-5158741
  • Category Activities: Chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing
  • Profile: The company supplies a flow of the whole people large and medium-sized enterprises, the material throughput nearly 100,000 tons, the company under: chemical light and Textile Branch, rubber Branch, Division of Organic Chemicals, Plastics Division, Explosive Materials Branch, Branch resources development, foreign economic relations Branch, Division of comprehensive management, tyres, among other operations. years, the provinces and municipalities as corporate credit Excellence and contract, trustworthiness enterprises. of the enterprise was named 1997-1998 Hangzhou the contract, trustworthiness units.
  • Area: Zhejiang

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