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Haimen glass factory in Zhejiang

Company Information

  • Company Name: Haimen glass factory in Zhejiang
  • Country: China
  • Address: Jiaojiang District of Taizhou, Zhejiang Province workers Road on the 3rd 318000 China
  • International Area Code: 86
  • Phone: +86-0576-8224394 +86-0576-8223163 +86-
  • Category Activities: Arts and manufacturing
  • Profile: The plant has played a few decades the glass flowers, color Printing, such as sandblasting Item technology advantages, the glass sculpture脟脡脙卯碌脴陆芦Eastern and Western art forms into one style, deliberately novelty. Through superb after the special processing the glass wall, and a coin series lights, colourful, light-bending discipline with elegant, a coin-characteristics. plant tall glasses, a colorful variety of liquor, more than 200 kinds, sold to dozens of countries and regions. Rare-earth wine glass with the light changes color, plant products applicable to all major hotels, banquet dance halls, Tourist sites and luxurious room of the house.
  • Area: Zhejiang

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