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Zhejiang Xiaoshan City nylon line plant

Company Information

  • Company Name: Zhejiang Xiaoshan City nylon line plant
  • Country: China
  • Address: Zhejiang Xiaoshan City Park leap Dongyue 311243 China
  • International Area Code: 86
  • Phone: +86-0571-2510355 +86-0571-9068506 +86-
  • Category Activities: Electric machinery and equipment manufacturing
  • Profile: The plant is the production of nylon line specialized factories, the two enterprises, civilized units, there are eight sets of pipeline operations, product specifications complete, strong technical force, product quality and stability, Ren planned supply, selling aquatic fisheries departments of the provinces and large and medium-sized department stores . Kuandaofahuo, agents shipped, the last synthetic Institute of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the provincial Textile companies, and other experts, the 65-nylon line to fill the gaps in Zhejiang Province, the 43-to fill the gaps in Hangzhou, not only saving At the same time the foreign exchange back to a country.
  • Area: Zhejiang

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